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Ocean and Cryosphere
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Once the consequences of climate change for oceans and the cryosphere are understood, and the value of what is at stake is grasped, there is just one more aspect needed before taking action: accepting responsibility for what is happening. This is the objective of this last sequence, that precedes the action projects.

The students will discover which is their share of responsibility, and that of their family and country, for climate change, and also their exposure and vulnerability to it. They will learn about the social inequalities intrinsic to climate change, and about climate justice.

Finally, they will discover that there are already many people in many places around the world taking action to mitigate and to adapt to climate change, and then they will decide what they can do themselves. This sequence is strongly rooted in the social sciences and is aimed at pushing students to think beyond the exclusively environmental and self-preservation aspects of climate change.

This pedagogical sequence is part of the pedagogical manual The Climate in our Hands: Ocean and Cryosphere.



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