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Ocean and Cryosphere
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Very often, in order for people to understand why we should take care of something, they need to understand why that something is important to us. As such, this sequence focuses on the importance of an equilibrium in the ocean and cryosphere systems, mainly from the point of view of human communities.  

The first lesson reviews the consequences of climate change for ocean and cryosphere ecosystems, while  also taking into account the ecosystem services they provide us with. A special focus on the food webs of different polar and marine ecosystems is drawn in the second lesson. The third lesson, which we highly recommend you adapt to your local context, is aimed at helping students realize that some of the services provided go beyond basic livelihood is sues, and reach the realm of cultural, historical and  spiritual heritages.

This pedagogical sequence is part of the pedagogical manual The Climate in our Hands: Ocean and Cryosphere.



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